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fasttrack-book-3d-post-render-glow-12-5Forget the concept of a ‘glass ceiling’ keeping women out of the Top 1% of your company’s management levels — there is no need to wait (and every reason not to), especially with your corporate career and your family’s future relying on your career path.

The game may be rigged. So, as a woman, you need to know how to play it.

With her business-savvy insights and her audacious “Chicago chutzpah” to give you a good swift kick in the career, Dr Betty Orlandino shares personal anecdotes, case histories and direct how-to advice to help women get past job-limiting plateaus and career-ending personal gaffes in the executive suite.

More important, she shows you exactly what to do about the “leadership ambition gap” shaping women’s presence in business today… and exactly what you need to overcome the limiting beliefs and soul-crushing attitudes that frustrate your way to the top.

Whether you’re a career professional, an up-and-coming C-suite superstar, a high-level expert, or a leadership hopeful who knows you deserve more than you’re getting, you can do this. Dr BettyO gives you practical advice and a generous helping of reality… along with her unique brand of seasoned common sense to guide you to new career heights.

And in case you’re pressed for time, don’t worry… her essential “Coach’s Cubicle” lists give you shortcuts to remember what you’ll learn in one insightful, on-target chapter after another. As Dr Betty O says, “It’s all about taking action, honey!”


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