Dr Betty Orlandino | Testimony


Dr. Betty Orlandino is an exceptional coach on executive leadership, who has been a trustworthy advisor to me for some time. She provides “tough” insights to improve self-awareness, while always leaving a smile on my face!

Her guidance on a focused plan and regular checkpoints helped me to develop into a more effective leader, which resulted in improved teamwork and results, and helped me to achieve career successes. In this fast-paced, competitive work world, she guides to executive success and positive energy!

- Karen Leets, CPA, MBA, VP and Treasurer at Kimberly-Clark

Dr Betty O helped me to understand that talent alone is not enough, that in order to reach the “corner office” you need a coach, a mentor and a network to help you navigate that journey. There has long been an “old boys’ network” to help young men with the challenges and capitalize on the opportunity of the career path in front of them. Dr Betty helped me to see the light, that I was operating at a disadvantage if I only relied on my talent, work ethic and education. Early on in my career, I got derailed not because  I lacked the skills and smarts to do the job, but because I got blindsided by the subtle bias in the system. Having Dr Betty as a coach helped me to know when and how to respond and provided helpful advice to develop relationships that helped  turn those excellent skills into results that delivered for my company and ultimately for my career. Yes, I earned it, but  I seemed  ” invisible” prior to my coaching experience with Dr Betty. In case you haven’t guessed I am a big fan of Dr Betty O as she is a great coach and is particularly adept at and dedicated to helping young women flourish in the world of business.

- Jody, VP of Operations, Fortune 500 Company

Dr. Betty Orlandino is a phenomenal Executive Coach and has been an adviser, friend and secret weapon to me for over 10 years. With a direct but caring style she helps me see my strengths, weaknesses and blindspots through the lens of my organization. The insights and the clarity she brings have helped me successfully navigate just about every important career transition I have made and I can say without hesitation that I am a better leader, and a better person, because of Betty.

In working with leadership teams, Betty has an uncanny ability to see the core issues and opportunities facing an organization. She cares deeply, people trust her, and she “connects-the-dots” in ways that invariably bring new insights into what is and what is not working. That’s when she rolls up her sleeves, digs in and helps bring out the very best in individual leaders and the entire team.

If you are trying to elevate your game as a leader, or strengthen the effectiveness of your senior team, I can’t think of a better resource.

- Fareed Khan, CFO, United Stationers

Dr Betty Orlandino has inspired me. She personifies in her own life what the success of an excellent coaching relationship can manifest. Coaching with Dr Betty I learned the value of a “safe confident” who is your advocate, tells you the truth and helps you to make a plan and take action. Dr Betty is a transformation magician. She guided  me to those “ah-ha” moments where change and resilience lie dormant. In her career Dr Betty has empowered me and other women to “Raise their hands and find their voices”. There isn’t anyone I would more highly recommend for coaching, communication and leadership in the 21st Century.

- Maya Balle, co-founder of Liz Walker Journey Productions

Dr Betty Orlandino is a one-of-a-kind coach and mentor! Her ability to find and nurture the best in each person helped me to create, new behaviors that I truly did not know were in my reach. These new behaviors directly impacted my team, as well as “business partners” in a most positive way, we really opened up the lines of communication as a result of learning about non verbal body language, word choice and tone of voice. Dr Betty O has a remarkable ability to combine constructive and confidence-boosting individual feedback -with astute knowledge of today’s workplace. She helped me to hone my skills for greater personal and professional success. She assisted me in plugging into the skills sets required to be a successful leader, from body language, to communication style (hallway to meeting to podium to the ride in the elevator), to attentive listening to your inner voice. I especially (and my family and team) appreciated Dr Betty’s insights into work/life balance and, of course, her sense of humor and guidance toward experiencing each situation uniquely and with the glass half-full. Dr Betty’s coaching was invaluable to me, my team and the organization as evidenced by the positive scores which significantly improvement in the company’s annual engagement survey. Dr Betty O is a true talent, delightful and bottom line “gets results.”

- L - BA, Princeton University; MBA, NYU School of Business, EVP, Fortune 100 Company

Dr Betty Orlandino/Dr Betty coached me to be the best “me” possible. She would remind me that world class professional athletes, performers, singers and top execs have coaches, mentors, advisers, a cabinet, a wife (call it what you want, they don’t do it alone). Prior to my coaching experience with Dr Betty I was under the impression that coaching was for remedial or if there was a problem, I now see the value of coaching and mentoring with a highly seasoned coach -Dr Betty. She helped me to refine my skills and bring out the best of my strengths and helped me to understand my blind spots. The raw materials were there, but the self awareness was not and Dr Betty helped me to realize that “perceptions” are critical to success and that I needed to be aware and in control of my actions, words, mannerisms etc. Furthermore she helped me to understand my reaction to people and situations so that I could focus on empowering my team and create great results for the company.Before my coaching with Dr Betty I never realized that people watch everything…they take their cues from you-(facial expressions, pausing, posture, everything).Dr Betty taught me that I have to be responsible for my own developmnent and to always be open to feedback (that feedback is your friend-regardless of what the feedback is) you need to know how you are being received. One of my favorite quotes of Dr Betty is “Go to school on everybody”. She would remind me that it is free and that if nothing else you would learn what not to do. Dr Betty O’s customized 360 assessment really helped me think about my view of myself vs others’ perceptions of me, which enabled me to grow myself, my team and continue up the corporate ladder, as a result of my coaching and development I am now the EVP of Finance heading for the Boardroom.

- Laura, Executive VP of Finance

Dr Betty Orlandino has helped me make so many critical decisions over the years and then to take action! Dr Betty O’s unique ability to assist people in creating and implementing a strategic development plan was invaluable to my success and personal happiness. Her coaching also reinforced the importance of delegation and how to manage time so I would work smarter vs harder. Dr Betty’s words come to me at times of stress, times of success and just about anytime that peace and perspective are needed to get me through. One foot in front of the other and thank you for the attitudes and confidence I did not know I could adopt. I will always seek out Dr Betty’s advice and counsel because she is competent and she genuinely cares.

- Dr. Kathleen Sandman-Cerar

I have worked with a number of executive coaches and strategic advisors in my career. I can say with great confidence none have provided the level of value as Dr Betty Orlandino. Her vast experience coupled with her methodical approach resulted in a process of executive learning, decision analysis, strategy building, and issue resolution that contributed to tremendous organization success in my tenure as Chief Executive Officer of the largest SAP customer association on the globe. In addition to the organizational improvements, Betty’s services led to an improved communication strategy with fellow board members and officers. I would highly recommend Betty’s services to any executive smart enough to know you must constantly seek feedback and self-improvement to accomplish ambitious personal goals and market leading initiatives.

- Bridgette Chambers, CEO (See my bio on http/:/www.asug.com/about/leadership)

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