Dr Betty Orlandino | Who is Dr. Betty Orlandino?

Who is Dr. Betty Orlandino?

BettyOrlandinoAs a certified talent consultant, author, clinician and prominent coach, Dr Betty Orlandino has been empowering people for 30 years. Dr. Orlandino’s client portfolio includes Federated/Macy’s  Department Stores, Navistar, USG Corporation, Kohler Company and a dozen more Fortune 500 Companies. Considered an exceptional executive coach and an expert in relation to women and leadership in the 21st Century Dr. Orlandino reminds us that “Hard work is just not enough, you would be surprised at how many senior executives plateau or derail due to critical interpersonal skills.”  In addition to developing emerging leaders and fine tuning top execs, Dr Orlandino specializes in collaborating with women to insure professional success. Dr. Orlandino has a PhD in psychology and numerous post graduate certifications, but insists her most valuable credential is the 30 years of “hands on” in the field. She is a frequent guest on radio and television, including all three national networks ABC, NBC and CBS. Local radio and televsion broadcasts were also a part of her media contributions . Dr Betty O was a contributing author for the Family Forum Magazine as well as authoring a book in 1981. Dr Betty additionally has been cited in numerous publications including Time Magazine, USA Today,  The Wall Street Journal,The Chicago Sun-Times, and the NY Times.

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